Sometimes, paying for certain expenses can be difficult. We do not want the borrowing process to be difficult! Here are some questions that we have been asked by people just like you. Hopefully you find these answers suit you. If not, please let us know the question you have.
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We Answer Your Questions

What is an online payday loan?
This type of service is also known as a short-term loan. These are advances collateralized against your next paycheck. For many, it's an easy and fast way to receive money between paydays. Visit our how payday loans work, to get more information.

How do I qualify for this service?
Most lenders follow these requirements:

• Be currently employed or receive a regularly recurring income.
• Your take home pay is at least $1000 per month if employed or $800 per month on a fixed income.
• Your savings or checking account uses direct deposit.

Different lenders may have different requirements

How long does it take to get approved for financial relief?
This will vary on your lender, but most lenders can approve you by the next possible business day.

What about collateral?
Your job and your paycheck are the only collateral you need.

Do I need direct deposit?
Yes. Most providers will require you to have a direct deposit so they can deposit funds into your account.

Is my information secure?
Very secure. Our site uses a host of security measures to ensure the safety of your confidential financial information. All sensitive information transmitted between your browser and our website uses 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology.

How is my approved amount determined?
Most lenders will allow you to borrow up to $1,500.

When is the balance and any interest due?
Payments usually are due after 14 days, or when you get your next paycheck.This may vary depending on your provider.